Monday, June 22, 2009

P90X Week One

Ok, so I started P90X 4 days ago and it's kicking my arse. This is week one but, the work outs are really well structured day one, pull ups and push ups, followed by plyometrics (this left me sore for 2 days), next they bring arms and shoulders, and then the hardest (longest) Yoga work out I've ever done. Forget it these guys are strong, fit, and flexible and I'm gonna keep up with the program. The goal is to use this program and a light cardio program as well (swimming, biking, and running). The program so far is perfect in that we are alternating muscle groups then a couple days after the plyo work out you jump into a long stretching Yoga work out. Well today I'm gonna swim for 1/2 a mile then do the work out (Legs and Back) at night (I like the night work outs cause it gives me something to do at night at home). Finally, I've changed my diet up but, I'm finding myself hugry AHHH.. we'll I'm keeping at it high protien low carbs so...

So here's the week one pics.

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